All About Kovalam Beach Excursion

Kovalam is a petite coastal town in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Kovalam is recognised globally for its pristine shallow water beaches along the coastline of Arabian Sea. This beach location is a recognised tourist location since 1930. The word Kovalam means coppice of coconut trees and as per its name you can see coconut trees everywhere in this town. The Kovalam Beach is extended about 16 kms along the coastline and comprises three adjoining beaches namely Hawa Beach, Lighthouse Beach and Samudra Beach. This beach allures huge crowd specially tourists from Europe and Israel all through the year.

All About Kovalam Beach Excursion, kovalam beach
Kovalam Beach

History of Kovalam Beach

This beach was earlier an unfamiliar and unexplored place for the tourists. In the year 1920 the Travancore’s Regent Queen, ordered to build a beach resort in Kovalam called Halcyon Castle and after that this isolated beach of Kerala became famous.

How to Reach Kovalam Beach

The closest railway station is the Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram railway station which is about 15 kms away from Kovalam Beach. The cab will charge 500 bucks to 800 bucks.

The closest airport is the Trivandrum International airport which is nearly 10 kms away from this beach. Cabs/autos are available outside the airport. The autos charges approx. 150 bucks to 200 bucks.

You will also get Government/Private buses from Trivandrum to Kovalam beach. The buses charge from 25 bucks to 150 bucks and takes about 45 minutes to get to Kovalam Beach.

Places to Visit in Kovalam Beach

As Kovalam is a beach town you will get to see several small beaches in Kovalam. Each of them is unique and will offer you an ambience which you will cherish forever. These beaches are as follows:

1. Hawa Beach – This beach is considered the most amazing among all the beaches in Kovalam. Hawa Beach also called Eve’s Beach is located just opposite to the Lighthouse Beach. In the morning, you can see the local fishermen doing their job and singing songs in the beach and in the evening you can enjoy the beauty of sunset at its best in Hawa Beach.

All About Kovalam Beach Excursion, kovalam beach
Hawa Beach

A long walk on the white sand shore of the Hawa Beach is a once in a lifetime experience. You will get many food joints serving mouth-watering sea food and Kerala cuisines along the Hawa Beach. Along the Hawa Beach you can book a resort as well to spend some quality days in this serene ambience.

2. Lighthouse Beach – The Lighthouse Beach has the biggest lighthouse in Kerala with a height of about 36 meters and is also the biggest beach among all the beaches in Kovalam. A day spent in Lighthouse Beach is a day well spent with sea, sun and sand. You can indulge in a number of sport activities such as surfing, wooden boat ride, motor boat ride etc. in this beach and you can also enjoy swimming in the low tidal blue water of the Arabian Sea.

All About Kovalam Beach Excursion, kovalam beach
Lighthouse Beach

You can also opt for yoga sessions and Ayurvedic massage to relax yourself. You will get a number of yoga center and massage center options near the Lighthouse Beach. Capture some beautiful photos on the hill-top of the Kurumkal Hills covered with Palm trees all around and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and the beach from the hill-top.

3. Samudra Beach – Samudra beach is situated in the north of the Kovalam town. This beach is a paradise for the beach lovers and nature lovers. Samudra Beach is divided from the other beaches by a huge rocky cape which makes it a perfect place for sea bathe.

All About Kovalam Beach Excursion, kovalam beach
Samudra Beach

This is a calm beach where you will not find huge crowd of tourists. So, if you are on a honeymoon trip and looking for some private and quality time with your partner than, this is the place for you. You can book a resort in Samudra Beach and spent a crowd less relaxing holiday amid nature.

Where to Stay in Kovalam Beach

Wide ranges of hotels are available in Kovalam as per your budget. You will get lavish beach resorts, five star hotels, pocket friendly hotels and quirky little home stays along the Kovalam beach and in the town.

All About Kovalam Beach Excursion, kovalam beach
Kovalam Beach Resorts

Travel Tips

Always carry a first-aid box with you.

Carry some accessories such as sunglasses, hats, comfortable slippers etc.

Carry a good quality sun protection lotion to prevent your skin from tanning.

Carry comfortable clothes for this beach trip.

Avoid makeup while you are in beach.

Always keep your camera ready to capture every beautiful moment for memories.

Shopping in Kovalam Beach

As Kovalam is rich in Spices, so you can buy some really good quality spices such as cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper etc. from the market near Lighthouse Beach. You can also buy handicraft, antique items, clothes, good quality organic coconut oil from Kovalam.

All About Kovalam Beach Excursion, kovalam beach
Kovalam Beach Shopping

Nightlife in Kovalam Beach

The beaches of Kovalam remain open for tourists till 12:00 am. You can enjoy your drinks at the bars along the beaches till 12:00 am. You can also take pleasure in a moon-lit walk with your partner. Kovalam Beach offers a number of bars and pubs for its tourists to enjoy to the fullest at Kovalam.

Best time to visit Kovalam Beach

1. Summers are very hot in Kovalam. The temperature rises to a maximum of 42 degrees during day time. Though this is not a perfect time for travel yet you will get a good deal in hotel prices if you plan a trip in summer from March to May.

2. Kovalam receives heavy rainfall during monsoons. If you are planning a Kovalam beach trip in between June to September to enjoy the beach in rain than keep raincoat/umbrella with you as there are unpredictable as well as frequent rains during monsoon. You can also enjoy the lush greenery of Kovalam in monsoon.

3. Winter from October to February is the ideal time to plan for a trip to Kovalam Beach. The temperature remains in between 35 degrees to 16 degrees during winters making it a perfect time for sightseeing as well.

Hope this article will help you to plan a memorable trip to the quiet and pristine beach of Kovalam.

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