10 Historical Places in South India Which You Must Visit Before You Die

Most of us don’t know much about the southern part of India. But believe me; the South India is equally rich in heritage and history like the other parts of India. The big dynasties which ruled over centuries in South India have erected innumerable monuments, forts and temples to exhibit their great history and wonderful craftsmanship.

This blog is all about the places which you must visit to know more about the historical places in South India.

1. Mysore Palace

This palace is the most visited historical place in India. The magnificent Mysore palace was earlier the resident of the Regal Family but now, it is converted into a museum for the visitors. The Regal Family still resides in a section of this palace.

The architecture of Mysore Palace is wonderfully blended in Hindu, Muslim, Gothic and Rajput styles. The museum exhibits the paintings of the regal family, Gifts, Royal furniture, Gold Palanquin and many more. The striking interior, the detailing on the doors, ceilings and walls will make you speechless.

mysore palace, mysore
Mysore Palace

Best Time to Visit Mysore Palace: Mysore Palace can be best explored from September to June.

Entry Charge: The charge is 75 bucks per person.

2. Halebidu

Halebidu is a city located in the Karnataka state and is one among the best historical places in India. This entire city is an assortment of many ancient temples, complexes and Jain archaeological sites. All these structures display the Hoyasala style of architecture as during 12th century Halebidu was the capital of the Hoysala Dynasty.Though these ancient monuments are now in ruins yet the beautiful sculptures and the rich history of this location attracts innumerable visitors all through the year.

halebidu, karnataka

Best Time to Visit Halebidu: The best time to visit Halebidu is from September to May.

Entry Charge: No entry charge is needed to visit this historical place.

3. Hampi

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the renowned historical places in South IndiaSituated in the Karnataka state, the historical town of Hampi is surrounded by valleys, hills and more than 500 years archaic temples & monuments which dates back to the Vijayanagar Dynasty.

The entire town is an historical museum and the striking 14th century architectures attract tourists from all over the globe to visit this charming town of Hampi.

hampi, places to visit in hampi

Best Time to Visit Hampi: Hampi can be best visited from September to April.

Entry Charge: The entry charge is 20 bucks for Indians and 300 bucks for foreigners.

4. Lepakshi

Lepakshi is a small village which comes under the Anantpur district, Andhra Pradesh. This village is very significant as it comprises ancient temples, hanging pillars which belong to the medieval period.

These 16th century temples were constructed by the two Governers of the Vijaynagara Dynasty namely, Viranna and Virupanna Nayaka. The astonishing carvings and sculptures in and around this place make it a paradise for the art and history lovers.

lepakshi, karnataka

Best Time to Visit Lepakshi: The best time to visit Lepakshi is in between October to April.

Entry Charge: This historical place is free for all visitors.


5. Gol Gumbaz

Gol Gumbaz is situated in Bijapur, Karnataka. It is a circular dome mausoleum of Mohammed Adil Shah, the 7th King of the Adil Shah Kingdom. Gol Gumbaz also houses the tombs of daughters and wives of the King of Bijapur.

This mausoleum is inspired by Deccan and Indo-Islamic style of architecture and was constructed in the year 1656. This amazing architectural wonder was designed by the architect Yaqut who was from Dabul. Gol Gumbaz is one of the renowned places to visit in Karnataka and is also considered as "South India’s Taj Mahal".

gol gumbaz, karnataka
Gol Gumbaz

Best Time to Visit Gol Gumbaz: The best time to visit Gol Gumbaz is from September to March.

Entry Charge: Entry charge is 20 bucks for Indians and 100 bucks for foreign citizens.

6. Charminar

Charminar is one amongst the significant places to visit and is located in the heart of Hyderabad city. According to some historians, this monument was erected when the capital of Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah was shifted from Golconda to Hyderabad. But as per others, Charminar was constructed to show the people the end of plague in the Hyderabad city.

This monument is called Charminar as it comprises 4 minarets and every minaret has 4 stories. These minarets have arches and each arch has one clock and one cat’s head on it. The cat’s head is to protect against rats which previously razed the Hyderabad city. You will get many shops surrounding Charminar for buying souvenirs and artefacts.

charminar, hyderabad

Best Time to Visit Charminar: You can best visit Charminar from October to April.

Entry Charge: The entry charge is 10 bucks for Indians and 100 bucks for foreigners.

7. Chola Temples

The Chola Temples comprises three superlative temples constructed by the rulers of Chola Dynasty. The Chola Dynasty ruled over centuries in South India and they erected innumerable magnificent temples there. Out of all these temples three were declared as the UNESCO World Heritage namely, Brihadeeshwara Temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Airavateshwara Temple at Darasuram and Brihadeshwara Temple in Tanjore.

These 3 temples were constructed in between 11th and 12th century. These 3 temples are the most renowned historical places to visit in Tamilnadu, India where you can better witness the brilliant craftsmanship and splendour of the bygone era.

chola temples, tamilnadu
Chola Temples

Best Time to Visit Chola Temples: These temples can be best visited from October to March.

Entry Charge: No entry charge is needed.

8. Mahabalipuram

The historical town of Mahabalipuram is situated on Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal and is only 58 kms away from Chennai. Also popular as Seven Pagodas, Mahabalipuram is one amongst the famed historical places in India. This historical town was established in 7th century by King of the Pallava Dynasty, Narasimhavarman II. There are 11 temples located on both the directions of the Mahabalipuram hills.

These temples were constructed with granite in Dravidian style of architecture and also have Buddhist components. You can see countless striking carvings on the walls. Descent of Ganges, Cave temples, Arjuna’s Penance are the most popular spots among the tourists. This town is declared as UNESCO World Heritage. Every year tourists across the globe visit Mahabalipuram to witness the famous dance festival which took place from December to January.

mahabalipuram, shore temple

Best Time to Visit Mahabalipuram: The best time is from October to March.

Entry Charge: Entry Charge is 20 bucks for Indians and 350 bucks for Foreigners.

9. Golkonda Fort

Golkonda Fort is a grand fort and a famous tourist place positioned only 12 kms away from Hyderabad. The grandiosity of this fort, the striking architecture and the great history makes it a must visit historical place in South India. Golkonda fort was founded by the Kakatiyas for their western defence.

Though now in ruins, yet you should never miss this place where the Kohinoor diamond was placed.

Golkonda fort, hyderabad
Golkonda Fort

Best Time to Visit Golkonda Fort: The perfect time to explore this amazing fort is from September to March.

Entry Charge: The entry charge is 15 bucks, 200 bucks for foreigners and 25 bucks for camera.

10. Meenakshi Amman Temple

Meenakshi Amman Temple is a Hindu Temple situated in Madurai, Tamilnadu. This historical temple is dedicated to the deity Parvati, who is also called as Meenakshi and deity Shiva. Here you can gain positivism and holiness while worshipping the Gods and Goddesses.

This temple has breathtaking architecture and that is why, it is among the world’s 7 wonders. Meenakshi Temple is one among the most visited temples of South India and you should never miss to explore the striking pillars and fourteen gateways of this temple.

meenakshi temple, madurai
Meenakshi Amman Temple

Best Time to Visit Meenakshi Amman Temple: The best time to visit is from September to April.

Entry Charge: No entry charge is needed.

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