How To Invest In Mutual Funds Smartly For Your Vacation Travel ??

Everyone loves travelling but some are passionate about it just like me. I am a Travel Blogger/Vlogger. I choose this as my profession, as I love to travel and share my experiences with others.

It’s easy to dream but to become a travel blogger is not that easy, as every time you plan for a trip, you need money. Even the cheap locations nowadays, seem to have big price tags. So, sometimes it becomes unmanageable. So, whenever you travel, it is very important that you make a clear plan, schedule, and budget.

Budget is an important part of travelling. With the correct strategy, mindset and budget, I made my passion & dream for travel come true.

In this blog, I will share some amazing investment information about, how to invest in Mutual Funds smartly for your vacation travel.


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Plan your vacation destination:

The 1st step is to decide your budget that includes transportation, stay, food, sightseeing, travel insurance, shopping & some other unexpected expenses that may arise.

If you are planning for an international destination, then visa costs & tourist guide, etc. charges also need to include in your budget.

For an international trip, one of the most important things which u must have to take into consideration during your budget planning is the currency exchange. The difference in the currency value might hurt your pocket. So, you must take care of this.


Decide the time of your vacation:

After doing proper budget planning, the 2nd step is to decide the time of your trip. Few factors that you must consider to have a trip you dreamt like are:

1. You must avoid deciding randomly

2. You must decide on a date when it’s less crowded so that you can enjoy your trip fully.

3. You must check whether it’s a time when the rates are higher in that particular destination.

4. You should avoid that time; otherwise, you will end up paying extra costs which you would not pay when you will go on cheaper days. So, you need to decide on cost-effective dates for having a budget-friendly trip.

Avenues available in the market for investment:

While choosing a proper investment avenue, you should check whether it matches the product with your risk profile or not. Your utmost priority should be to understand the risk involved in in investing in that particular avenue. Some investments generate better returns in a very short time period, these kinds of investments have higher risks than others.

Some of the investment avenues are:

1. Equity

2. Mutual funds

3. Bank deposits

4. Gold

5. Insurance


Why a mutual fund can be a part of the core investment portfolio?

Mutual Funds are very tax-efficient in comparison to traditional investments. You can invest a small amount of money in one or more mutual funds at a time & get a variety of investment options. In mutual funds, it’s better to stay for a longer term to get better returns. Because the longer you stay, the better returns you can aim for.

You should choose a mutual fund scheme according to the time you have in hand for your trip. Like, if you are planning for a trip within 3 months, then you should go for liquid funds scheme. Similarly, if you have more time in your hands for that trip, like 6 months to 1 year, then, you can go for Ultra-Low Duration Funds.

One of the popular mutual funds is the L&T Mutual Fund. They offer a wide range of mutual fund schemes & they have a well-equipped & professional investment management team.


If you are saving for a vacation you want to take after 3 years, you can opt for Equity Link Saving Schemes. ELSS isatax-freefund with more than 60% investment in Equities. They have a lock-in of 3 years to allow the fund to grow as no redemption’s are allowed. This converts into an open-ended fund after 3 years which means you can sell and redeem them for use. Mutual fund houses have SIP calculators that help you get a rough idea of how much you will need to set aside every month to aggregate your desired amount at an expected rate of return.

Always have the habit of reading the scheme-related documents before investing to understand the scheme type, investment patterns, and the risk factors associated with particular investments, and consult your financial advisor to understand the implication of any investment.



So, in this way, with small & correct investments you can aim to grow your money to plan your trips every time.

So, if your passion is Travel Blogging/Vlogging& you don’t want any obstacles in your travel goals, then plan for your investments today, travel around the world, and share your experiences with all. 

Disclaimer: This information is for general information only and does not have regard to the particular needs of any specific person who may receive this information. L&T Investment Management Limited, the asset management company of L&T Mutual Fund or any of its associates; does not guarantee/indicate any returns/and shall not be held liable for any loss, expenses, charges incurred by the recipient. The recipient should consult their legal, tax, and financial advisors before investing. The recipient of this information should understand that statements made herein regarding future prospects may not be realized or achieved.


Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.






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